Sunday, November 25, 2012



I am a charlatan
I have deceived myself
I say how I need this particular man
I think now it is not that I need just any man
I need an eternal companion
I am a charlatan
I go hustling my goods and wares
Like I am on the auction block
At a flea market where integrity is lost
My values were bought and sold
I am a charlatan
I want to be loved yet it escapes me
I like being alone but it deceives me
I need a good man to cherish me
I want he who would seek me
I am a charlatan
To believe that being alone is freedom
To deny that I ache to be treasured
To believe that I am of little worth
To deny I want eternal rewards
I am a charlatan

Carrie Lin R. Jones September 24, 2000
Revision June 28, 2004

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