Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What gifts would I give to Jesus?

What gifts would I give to Jesus?

What gifts should we give to Jesus?
What would he ask of us?

Our finest of earthly things,
Treasures we offered many kings.
Are these the gifts I would bring?
No, “He” would reject these offerings.

What gift should we give to Jesus?
What would he ask of us?

Perhaps it is not something to touch.
May not even seem like much.
We may need a better perspective.
For his life did freely he give.

Maybe we should ask of you Jesus?
What gifts would you ask of us?

“A gift of your sins and sorrows…
In exchange for better tomorrows.”
“Let go of your pains and strife…
For I offer the path to eternal life.”

Is this all you ask of us Jesus?
What more would you ask of us?

“Follow me with a broken spirit…
Serve with a heart contrite.”
“In meekness and humility please strive…
For then you, will I, truly forgive.”

Why did you gift us Jesus?
Why did you do this for us?

“Scales of Justice and Mercy are such a heavy weight.
A Savior was required, to overcome pre-determined fate.”
“To keep your free will as a choice.
The Father heard in Heaven my voice.”

Why be born of man when you are a Son of God?
Why did you sweat precious drops of your blood?

“I needed to know how to succor my brethren…
For this came I to Earth, trailing Heaven.”
“My prayer was heard in the Garden of Gethsemane
I paid the price of all sins, to free you from evil Tyranny.”

Why did you have to suffer and hang upon the cross?
Why as an innocent, did you allow your life be lost?
“An earthly life brings with it a mortal death…
My resurrection helped all to regain Heaven’s breath.”
“Two prices were paid to meet the plans demands,
Revealed by the marks in my hands.”

How can I do anything less?
Than to give Christ my very best?

I would give to you a broken heart
That we would never be apart.
I would give to you my sorrow and sins.
By allowing my heart to let you in.

What gifts would we give to Jesus?
What gifts would he ask of us?

There is nothing that we should refuse “Him.”
We must learn not to trust our own limbs.
We must rely on his tender mercy.
He gave us a chance to be worthy.

What gift would I give to Jesus?
What does he ask of us?

I would give Him my love and trust
His judgement will only be just
I must become as a child
Be patient, meek and mild.

The gifts that were given by Jesus
He willing suffered for us

Broken is spiritual death and these mortal chains.
Our King over Heaven and Earth will reign
He broke the bread unleavened
A remembrance to guide us to Heaven.

The gifts that were given by Jesus
He willingly offered to us

His living waters will always slacken our thirst
Still performing miracles, among the ungodly accursed
The blind will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear
Christs ‘gifts for us bring tidings of good cheer

Oh what gifts would I give Jesus?
Oh what gifts has he offered to us?

Carrie Lin Rawlins Jones December 25th, 2015.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Save the Children

Save the Children

Students killing students in false havens
Are there no boundaries in human suffering?
Vigilance is needed to prevent death
Education of morally right and wrongs renew

Teaching love and tolerance of life and mankind
Hatred crushed with music, prayer and art
Envelop peers suffering in silence

Care for the peers in need
Help stamp out belief of "I'm better than you."
If we do not save the bleeding children
Life's lessening value screaming in gunfire
Destruction of a Nation at war with itself
Rewards of indifference and non-tolerance
Education of hope for life not death
Needed for innocent shed blood crying for future students

I wrote this so many years ago but today with the shootings in Connecticut it seems relevant again. I am saddened to see the need for this again. 

Save the Children.  For all the students injured or killed by an act of hatred or self-loathing; my heart aches for the loss of your innocence and value.  For those who suffer in heart with loss; I grieve with you.  As I hold my children¼I tremble in spirit wishing I could keep them safe always in the presence of my arms.  May God have mercy on us for our children killing children and guide us to stop the violence of a Nation at War with itself in confines of lost innocence and life.

March 5 2001©The day of the Santa Anna H.S. shootings
My heart goes out to the families and friends suffering in this moment

Carrie Lin R. Jones

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Need is Love

Need is love

John Lennon words timeless in their essence
"Love, love, love, love is all we need"
Quoted decades ago
Words of countless inspiration
Did not Christ speak also?
"Love one another as I have loved you, love one another."
When we go searching for life's answers
Are they not given?

What we need is love.
What we need to give is love.

Carrie Lin R. Jones September 26, 1999©

Friday, December 7, 2012

Not Quite

Not Quite

This one is the right height
Another a perfect color of eyes
That leave me paralyzed
I search for Mr. Right

Yet maybe I should settle
For Mr. Not Quite

This man is a dance delight
This one teaches prose
Beautiful I suppose
I search for Mr. Right

Yet maybe I should settle
For Mr. Not Quite

This charmer I love at night
Here is one that likes to flirt
Another one to play in the dirt
I search for Mr. Right

Yet maybe I should settle
For Mr. Not Quite

Carrie Lin R. Jones May 17 2000©

Peter cast your eyes to God

Peter Cast your Eyes to God

Peter cast your eyes to God
Reach out and grasp the Iron Rod
Jesus walked on waters tossed
Called to him to pay the cost
Have faith in me and come
Walk toward me and to home

"If you love me feed my sheep
Do you love? Then feed my sheep
I taught you on the waters deep
Come follow me gather souls 'n' reap"

Peter cast your eyes to God
Reach out and grasp the Iron Rod
Have faith in Christ and come
Walk toward Him and to home

"Lord I have faltered out of fear
Lord I wish that you were near
Lord thou knowest I loveth thee
I did not mean to deny thee"

" Doubt not your gifts
For you and I have chosen this
Peter my gift to you will be
The Holy Ghost to guide and see"

Peter cast your eyes to God
Firmly grasp the Iron Rod
Use your faith in me and come
Enter the Gate and reach home

Carrie Lin R. Jones June 2002 Revision July 9, 2002©

Prince Charming

Prince Charming

Prince Charming?
I have no need for charm
Only stability, security and safety
Tall, dark and handsome?
Looks without brains cause alarm
Wisdom, work and worth
A knight in shining armor?
I protect myself from harm
Kindness, kinship and knowledge

If such a man has traits as these
Then such a man
Is Prince Charming indeed

Carrie Lin R. Jones 2000©

Picnic at Midnight

Picnic at Midnight

A falling star
Sweet wish thrown
A woman's hope
Prayer winging
Twinkling into dark heavens

For true love's kiss
The stage lit with moonlight bright
Blankets spread with fruit and bread
True love bliss sealed with a kiss
Setting just right a picnic at midnight

A falling star
Sweet wish thrown
A woman's hope
Prayer winging
Twinkling into dark heavens

Carrie Lin R. Jones July 23,2001