Friday, December 14, 2012

Save the Children

Save the Children

Students killing students in false havens
Are there no boundaries in human suffering?
Vigilance is needed to prevent death
Education of morally right and wrongs renew

Teaching love and tolerance of life and mankind
Hatred crushed with music, prayer and art
Envelop peers suffering in silence

Care for the peers in need
Help stamp out belief of "I'm better than you."
If we do not save the bleeding children
Life's lessening value screaming in gunfire
Destruction of a Nation at war with itself
Rewards of indifference and non-tolerance
Education of hope for life not death
Needed for innocent shed blood crying for future students

I wrote this so many years ago but today with the shootings in Connecticut it seems relevant again. I am saddened to see the need for this again. 

Save the Children.  For all the students injured or killed by an act of hatred or self-loathing; my heart aches for the loss of your innocence and value.  For those who suffer in heart with loss; I grieve with you.  As I hold my children¼I tremble in spirit wishing I could keep them safe always in the presence of my arms.  May God have mercy on us for our children killing children and guide us to stop the violence of a Nation at War with itself in confines of lost innocence and life.

March 5 2001©The day of the Santa Anna H.S. shootings
My heart goes out to the families and friends suffering in this moment

Carrie Lin R. Jones

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