Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What gifts would I give to Jesus?

What gifts would I give to Jesus?

What gifts should we give to Jesus?
What would he ask of us?

Our finest of earthly things,
Treasures we offered many kings.
Are these the gifts I would bring?
No, “He” would reject these offerings.

What gift should we give to Jesus?
What would he ask of us?

Perhaps it is not something to touch.
May not even seem like much.
We may need a better perspective.
For his life did freely he give.

Maybe we should ask of you Jesus?
What gifts would you ask of us?

“A gift of your sins and sorrows…
In exchange for better tomorrows.”
“Let go of your pains and strife…
For I offer the path to eternal life.”

Is this all you ask of us Jesus?
What more would you ask of us?

“Follow me with a broken spirit…
Serve with a heart contrite.”
“In meekness and humility please strive…
For then you, will I, truly forgive.”

Why did you gift us Jesus?
Why did you do this for us?

“Scales of Justice and Mercy are such a heavy weight.
A Savior was required, to overcome pre-determined fate.”
“To keep your free will as a choice.
The Father heard in Heaven my voice.”

Why be born of man when you are a Son of God?
Why did you sweat precious drops of your blood?

“I needed to know how to succor my brethren…
For this came I to Earth, trailing Heaven.”
“My prayer was heard in the Garden of Gethsemane
I paid the price of all sins, to free you from evil Tyranny.”

Why did you have to suffer and hang upon the cross?
Why as an innocent, did you allow your life be lost?
“An earthly life brings with it a mortal death…
My resurrection helped all to regain Heaven’s breath.”
“Two prices were paid to meet the plans demands,
Revealed by the marks in my hands.”

How can I do anything less?
Than to give Christ my very best?

I would give to you a broken heart
That we would never be apart.
I would give to you my sorrow and sins.
By allowing my heart to let you in.

What gifts would we give to Jesus?
What gifts would he ask of us?

There is nothing that we should refuse “Him.”
We must learn not to trust our own limbs.
We must rely on his tender mercy.
He gave us a chance to be worthy.

What gift would I give to Jesus?
What does he ask of us?

I would give Him my love and trust
His judgement will only be just
I must become as a child
Be patient, meek and mild.

The gifts that were given by Jesus
He willing suffered for us

Broken is spiritual death and these mortal chains.
Our King over Heaven and Earth will reign
He broke the bread unleavened
A remembrance to guide us to Heaven.

The gifts that were given by Jesus
He willingly offered to us

His living waters will always slacken our thirst
Still performing miracles, among the ungodly accursed
The blind will see, the lame will walk, the deaf will hear
Christs ‘gifts for us bring tidings of good cheer

Oh what gifts would I give Jesus?
Oh what gifts has he offered to us?

Carrie Lin Rawlins Jones December 25th, 2015.

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