Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall into Light

Fall into light

A tiny leaf buds on a branch
It unfurls and stretches
Reaching towards the light
It grows and spreads out
Exploring it's world
The breeze that makes it tremble
A bird that weights the branch
The sound of it's song
The sun that warms it
A season shifts 
It feels heat
Understands the pangs of thirst
Understands the pangs of hunger
Still reaching towards the light
Thrills with the feel 
Evening breezes flutter across it
Cooling and leaving it quaking
It longs to break free
To know more 
Changes occur with cooler temp
The wind now seems an enemy
A trial to over come
Clinging to the life it knows
It colors with the effort to stay
Ages as it struggles
Latticework displays its scars
Until one day it stills and let's go
God carries it away on the wind
It twists and turns
Beautiful and Joyful
Finally at Peace
It falls into the light

Carrie Lin R. Jones 11-28-2012

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