Friday, November 23, 2012

I am

I am

I am therefore I think
Critical thinkers sift random thoughts
A hammer shattering locks
To open Pandora's box
Life and its conflicts
Tolerance should be common place
Yet we struggle with acceptance
Emotions appear a deceptive ruler
Of actions we perpetuate on life
Beliefs our true governor of thought
Emotions a symptom or curse of them
A final determination of which
Path diverging in woods
Theory true to be proven with time
Offensive and defensive both
Symbiotic and parasitic
Nature in earthen temples
Possibly our moment when we become
A slave to these our mortal passions
Feeble attempts to stay in stasis
Formulating if we are at one
Or a part of both
Or the other

Carrie Lin R. Jones Revision April 2002©

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