Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Quiet Bell

The Quiet Bell

Upon a cold starlit night
The Christ child in a manger lay
Future King and Son of God
And man in sweet smelling hay
There was no room at the Inns
Upon the streets that day
So in a manger he was born
Where donkeys bray

A star gave brilliant light
At the entrance of his birth
Hark the Herald Angels sang
In choirs of Heaven's Hearth
Shepherds came to worship
And proclaim it to the Earth
A King is born¼Give celebration
Rejoice and feel mirth

Joseph stood in respect
And awe at the site
Of radiant Mary bathed
In a golden light
The babe slept peacefully
On that Holy Night
Gaining strength to battle hate
With all his might

It happened long ago
Far away on Judeas Plains
Boy child born to mankind
To take away sins stains
Beautiful is the story of his birth
And how we did gain
Champion for us all
For Heaven's Quest to attain

He was a man of sorrow
Old Isaiah knew him well
Prophets through the ages
Of "HIM" did they tale
Yet in Bethlehem no one struck the gong
Or rang the bell
To proclaim of "HE" 
Who would break the Gates of Hell

Today the Christmas story
Is told far and wide
We do praise and honor him
Our hearts full of pride
His message spread to all
Like the roaring Ocean tide
Jesus our Savior born
Saved us all when he died

Carrie Lin R Jones December 3 2000©

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