Tuesday, November 27, 2012

War of Ages

War of Ages

What King or Prince rules beliefs?
Good and evil in co-existence
Accepting not decision chosen at hesitation
Confusion and distractions seep in like a fog
Deception of the choices placed on a platter
Before us true identity and circumstances
Tempt our palate and hide the taste
Sweet dessert of truth
Eating with gluttony
Indulging in our non-addictions
Hesitant to try bland stability
Discovery of criteria fits
Puzzle shaped of chaos and order
Everything we evolve into
Confusion or aware
Indecision or Resolve
Emotional or Analytical
Reactionary or Passive
With life there is always opposition
Chaos destructive of our construction
Order rebuilding firm foundations
Even in the face of death’s veil
Order has to be of God
Chaos is of Satan
This Great War of Ages
Conflict of our Father and Prince of Darkness
Raging on in mortal souls
Validation of what we are
Validation of what we are to become

Carrie Lin R. Jones
Jan 1 2007

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