Friday, November 23, 2012



Why do little children have to suffer?
Why do the last days of a child
Have to be pain and anguish?
Instead of laughter and fun
I know that God called him home
But why did little Brendon have to die
The way he did
Why did he have to suffer?
Until his dying breath
It is this that I don't understand
Why so much pain?
He was so young
Why did he have to suffer so much?
When I think of him
He was so warm and open
He had the cutest little smile
With large dimples on either side of his mouth
Just hearing him laugh or giggle
Would make you laugh with him
He loved to give big hugs and kisses
Wrapping his chubby little arms around you
Your heart would melt
Now it feels like breaking
I had hoped he would pull through this
Why did he have to suffer all his last days?
It stinks!!! That is what I think IT STINKS!!!
Little kids should not have to leave the world this way
Their last memories should be of love and laughter
Not the agony of death and suffering all around

Goodbye Brendon I love you honey

3-12-1998© He died March 4,1998

Carrie Lin R. Jones

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