Monday, November 19, 2012

Court the feet of Kings

Court the feet of Kings

When Ruth courted Boaz
As the Bible story goes
She bathed and rubbed his feet
Then at them did she sleep
Tradition to him inform
Known to him in the morn'
A desire in her life
Boaz consider her as a wife
Christ's feet were bathed with tears
Then dried with Mary's hair
Anointed in rich salve soft
A balm she spared no cost
She gave Christ as he deserved
For whom she'd always serve
Ruth and Mary's acts
Bible historical facts
Respect and love was shown
Their duty they made known
Ruth a mother to a House of Kings
Mary served the Most High King
As I saw your feet bare
I knew that I did care
I longed to do as they did
My feelings no longer hid
Caress them oh so sweet
Then lay my heart at your feet.

Carrie R. August 2000©

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