Monday, November 19, 2012

Mary's Gift

Mary's Gift

What gift give I to Jesus?
As Mary pondered and she prayed
Mary gazed as Jesus lain
Why had FATHER chosen her?
To bear his newborn babe
What more could she give to him?
Love was so easy to provide
For a child as sweet as He
Every day it would come so easily
Joseph was so capable and strong
Needs for food and shelter
He would see that they were met
Safe they would be
"Father, inspire me
Help me to know
What gift have I to help him grow?"
"Precious Mary
Beloved thou art to me
Can you not tell it is your testimony of me?"
"The faith and knowledge of me
That shines ever bright in your eyes
My image in your countenance no one can deny."
"Share this daily with my Son
For someday blessed Mary
This will sustain him when his life is nearly done."
"In a quiet garden place
He will someday pray
To take mankind's sins away."
"The faith and testimony you give him
Will help him to learn and to grow
Until the day his destiny he will know."

"Believe in thyself
Mother of my Son
Eternity with me to be won."
"Snatched from sin's grasp
Justice and Mercy
To be satisfied at last."

Carrie Lin R. Jones Christmas 1998©

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