Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Girls of Spice

Girls of Spice

Love is never vulgar
For good girls made of sugar
Sex is the sinner’s vice
For naughty girls of spice
One deserves the reward of love
One the punishment of a soiled dove
Rarely do they cross the line
The difference of hearts or bodies entwine
Unless give to one the grace of God
If she takes hold of the Iron Rod
Sins as scarlet made white as snow
A pure heart she has now to show
Yet there will be no man for her
She tries in her thoughts to reassure
Only God forgives whose heart he knows
She cannot accept how repentance grows
That a former naughty girl of spice
She can in fact fully pay the price
To change the crush of sin's tide
A man to have her as his virtuous bride

Carrie Lin R. Jones August 16, 2002©

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