Friday, November 30, 2012

If I was Monet

If I was Monet

If I was Monet what would I paint of today's world?

Would I paint dusty debris broken buildings exposed like steel skeletons?
Tear stained ashen covered faces of fear?
Afgheny women dressed in black hustling down streets in a country filled with terror?
Shopkeeper windows broken with notes of passed out hatred?
An Afghan prison where men with guns preach the opposite of their native faith?
Do I paint the face of Hatred Terror and Fear?


If I was Monet I would paint
Glittering candles flickering on faces of love
Muslims in mosques preaching peace and tolerance
Flags in neighbor's yards and on their cars
Fireman raising a standard of hope
The colors of Justice and Freedom
The faces of leaders and heroes with quiet resolve
Fellow members of Earth extending humanity and charity to each other

I would paint communities of love praising God
I would paint a world of love, charity and hope

If I was Monet

Carrie Lin R. Jones  Originally written on Sept 15, 2001
revision 4-1-2002

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