Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lady Justice

Lady Justice

She stands on the hill
The sun bears down on her
Sweat trickles down her face
Scales she has guarded for so long
Keeping the Balance
Between Justice and Mercy
Equal and unfettered
Today she removes the blind
Screams and cries of the oppressed
Pray for Justice for those who hurt them
Mercy for them so that they can find relief
The weight of their cries
Tipping the scales in their favor
She views the world
She raises the sword
The weight of what she will do
Unbearable yet she knows she must follow
The one who’s will she guards closest
His angel offers encouragement
She lifts the sword
Letting the scales fall free
Gripped tightly in both hands
She lifts the sword high
Between her hands
Feet placed apart
She trembles then tears begin to fall
She strikes the ground
Engulfing the world in Flames
She hears the cries of the wicked
Some she knows
Some she does not
Hears their surprise
Hears their anguish
As the flames envelop them
Searing the pain away
For those who begged
For relief from their tormentors
She weeps her blind forgotten
Her sword crashes to the ground
The scales broken at her feet
She weeps for the world

Carrie Lin R Jones 11/29/2012

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