Friday, November 16, 2012

Priceless Innocence Lost

Priceless Innocence Lost

Upon a day I drifted aimlessly
In the depths of my conscious mind
Searching endeavoring to find
The answers to questions
Who out there within reach
Can silence my cries of fear?
And gently wash away my tears
Help me to find the joy of love
Loneliness completely encompasses
Imprisoning my heart and mind
In depthless pit of remorse and guilt
My innocence has been destroyed
Hindsight is the past's way of trying to rebuild
That which is lost and can never be recovered
I wistfully sit and repine
No awareness of passing time
I reflect and reject each notion
There really are no magical potions
That can restore something as precious and priceless
As a woman's lost innocence

Carrie Lin R. Jones November 1999©

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