Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wisdom Words Tablet

Wisdom Words Tablet

Approval is often what I seek
Clasped hands begging it from peers
The person I need to seek it from is myself
Yet I am always dissatisfied with the results
Always attempting to achieve things beyond my grasp

Mercy I am eager to bestow upon others
When I view myself under hindsight’s microscope
I do not seem to allow its forgiving presence
The healing balm that Gilead and God extend to me
Christ died for all of us but I lack faith in accepting atonement

Justice is the pretense I give
Yet it is only the ill-fated guise of revenge
Only God grants true Justice for those whose hearts he knows
I wreak havoc on my self-esteem and physical person constantly
If I were true then I would atone and repent my sins to God

Compassion for self is lacking in my life
It abounds endlessly flowing outward toward others
Truth strikes at me shattering my rose colored view
In written words I see it a wound laid out and raw
Easy to comprehend I feel unable to act upon the wisdom

Carrie Lin R. Jones 11-18-2001

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