Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Lewis Carol

The Lewis Carol

Through fractured glass you are looking
Unafraid of any twisted images reflecting
The original within the glass no mistaking
Backward impressions that mirror my past
She who I thought I was
But I am not stands aghast
Our sketches of my destiny did not last
Hero I call to you through the looking glass
I as the Queen of Hearts my throne did pass
My marriage like a house of cards a fallen mass
Come slay the Jabberwock fierce with claws
My dangerous foe with your vigilante law
His own defeat rendered 'neath his mighty jaws
Mome Raths when they seek to grabe beware
Path to be swept by a choice and a dare
Listen and heed my warning with care
I sit with the Mad Hatter at tea
Seek to create my own written plea
With ink drawn from my own tear sea
I twist the phrase and scramble the word
Invite you to destroy the beast with a sword
My Champion would you with steel armor gird?
To share a life with me within the looking glass
The place where dreams not reality come to pass
Ringed in daisies sleep surrounded by sweet scent grass
Come and dine on peppered tarts and cherry ale
Please read to me the Carpenter and Walrus Tale
Stories of months with the letter R and oysters in half shell
You can find me painting white roses in my garden red
A very merry un-birthday each day to be shared
Love and poetry reflected in us our images mirrored

Carrie Lin R. Jones Revision March 2002©

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