Saturday, November 17, 2012



I seem to always do this
I linger
I hope
Sometimes I even pray
Some way
That you will care for me
That we
That us
Matters not just to me
Matters to you
Matters to us
Why do I torture self?
Why my heart?
Why you?
Treat me like I don't exist
Treat me as nothing
Treat me like I can't you
Because you will always exist in my world
Because I can't forget you
Because I love you
Damn my heart cringes
Damn I wish I could silence its steady beat
Damn you every time for torturing me like this
Don't I deserve acknowledgment?
Don't I deserve respect?
Don't I deserve kindness?
I am a person
I am a woman
I care for you
For my greatest sin
For my greatest treasure
For what have I done but love you?

Carrie Lin R. Jones January 27 1998©

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